Salt Lamps Niche

“Himalayan Salt is also used to make “salt lamps” that radiate a pinkish or orangish hue, manufactured by placing a light source within the hollowed-out interior of a block of Himalayan salt” (Source)

Why The Salt Lamps Niche Is Profitable

Market Size of the Salt Lamps Niche

“The global pink himalayan salt market size reached US$ 226.0 Million in 2022.”. (Source).

“Himalayan Salt Market is estimated at USD 18.5 Billion in 2032, surge at a vigorous 4.9% CAGR during the assessment period 2022-2032”.. (Source).

Why does this data matter?
This data shows this is a very popular market with high demand and lots of money being spent making it a great niche to be involved with.

Search Volume In The Salt Lamps Niche

According to keyword research tool UberSuggest these are some popular keyword searches in the Salt Lamps niche…

  • salt lamps – 33,100 searches p/m.
  • himalayan salt lamp – 27,100 searches p/m.
  • salt lamp benefits – 12,100 searches p/m.
  • himalayan salt lamp benefits – 8,100 searches p/m.

Why does this data matter?
The high search volume shows this is a very popular niche online with strong search engine demand for information and people looking to purchase.

Salt Lamps Niche Products & Affiliate Offers

Amazon Products In The Salt Lamps Niche

There are over 340 products on alone related to Salt Lamps you can promote as an affiliate.

Most Popular Products on Amazon In The Salt Lamps Niche

These are some popular types of products in the Salt Lamps niche on Amazon

  • Crystal Salt Lamps
  • Metal Basket Lamps
  • Himalayan Pink Salt

Why is this data important?

Amazon is the biggest online eCommerce retailer on the internet and also the worlds biggest affiliate program.

So, seeing lots of products available on Amazon suggests this is a profitable niche and offers a great opportunity to earn money through Amazons Affiliate Program.

Websites In The Salt Lamps Niche

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